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Why is it that when you most need simple things like a flashlight and a battery-operated radio they're all mysteriously missing in action? The next time you lose power or the next time King George tries to take over, the multi-purpose emergency tool might just save you from viciously stubbing a toe in the dark. The tool, which sort of looks like a spray bottle, incorporates several different tools to make your next minor disaster a little less dangerous. The components include an AM/FM radio, a blinking light along with a siren to lure lost sailors, a small AC motor, a light, a 4.5V DC jack, a glass breaking tool and some rechargeable batteries. Yeah, you probably won't be able to fend off the Royal Navy, but it'll do in a pinch, especially since it'll also charge your cellphone.

The tool looks like it hails from China, so getting hard details about it like price is somewhat tough. No matter, since our readers are as tough as they come.


Product Page [Shenzen Bringtop via The Red Ferret Journal]