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The Museum of Science Fiction Debuts Its Scholarly Journal's First Issue

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Back in September, the Museum of Science Fiction announced that they were going to be releasing scholarly publication: The Journal of Science Fiction. Now, their first issue is live!

There’s some really interesting articles here: an in depth look at Paolo Bacigalupi’s work, as well as Frank Herbert’s Dune, as well as a couple of other subjects. These are well-researched and in-depth scholarly articles, ones that will help push for a deeper understanding of how science fiction works on a critical and academic level.


Here’s the table of contents:

  • Reflecting on Science Fiction, Monica Louzon
  • Biogenetics, The Nation, and Globalization in Paolo Bacigalupi’s Critical Dystopias, Derrick King
  • Gods of War Toke While Riding a Vimana: Hindu Gods in Three Indian Science Fiction Novels, Sami Ahmad Khan
  • Loving the Other in Science Fiction by Women, Karma Waltonen
  • Paul’s Empire: Imperialism and Assemblage Theory in Frank Herbert’s Dune, Amanda M Rudd

You can download the entire first issue here.

Art credit: Mike Winkelmann