The Netherlands' Tallest Church Looks Even More Amazing From a Drone

Aerial drone videos, for better or worse, are here to stay, but it's difficult to be too upset about this filming technique's unchecked adoption when it captures video like this. Dutch filmmakers Jelte Keur and Reinout van Schie filmed the tallest church in the Netherlands, and the results are breathtaking.

Filmed with a DJI Phantom 2, the almost two-minute video wasn't the result of some lazy afternoon with nothing better to do. Keur and van Schie had to wait 10 months for the perfect cloudy conditions to surround the Dom Tower of Utrecht. Although the video suggests that the 700-year-old church is a cloud-piercing skyscraper, it's really only 370 feet tall.


But where it fails in feet it more than makes up in visual splendor. [PetaPixel]

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