The New Android Market Looks Like a Windows Phone App—Which Means It Looks A Lot Better

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Google just launched a new Android Market for Android 2.2+ users and added book and movie downloads to the Market. What's bigger news to me though, is that sticking true to Google's recent trend, Android Market looks a lot better.

With the new look, Android Market's humble beginnings are pretty much long forgotten. Though the new Market is vaguely reminiscent of the Metro UI in Windows Phone 7, it's also easier and faster to use with new categories like staff picks and Editors' Choice apps to help you narrow down better apps. Plus, looking like Windows Phone is a good thing these days.


Both books and movie purchases are instantly available across all your devices once you buy them from the Market (movie rentals start at 2 bucks). The new Android Market will automatically rollout in the coming weeks to Android 2.2+ users. Enjoy the pretty, Android. [Google Mobile]