The New, Awesomer Xbox 360 Headset Doubles As a Legit Bluetooth Headset (But Please Don't Wear It in Public)

The old Xbox 360 headset is gigantic and expensive, considering it only worked with the Xbox 360. The new Xbox 360 headset? Not only is it much, much better promises Senior Director of Xbox Accessories, Zulfi Alam, it's a Bluetooth headset.

It's still kinda giant-sized—so if it becomes your default Bluetooth headset, you'd definitely be making a very loud statement about your gaming proclivities—but it's mostly because of the battery, so you get 8 hours of continuous usage out of it. ('Cause having your headset die mid-trash talking would suck all kinds of suck.) It's redesigned to match the Trinity Xbox 360 consoles and the design language they brought to the table. To switch from game mode to Bluetooth is pretty easy: You just press the button in the center, and lights change from green (Xbox mode) to blue (Bluetooth mode). It'll run $60 when it comes out in November.

Also! There's a new Media Remote that's also been re-jiggered to better match the current consoles—and to feel more TV remote-like. It makes sense when you consider a lot of the straight-up TV directions Xbox is going in, like the Live TV announced at E3 that's also coming this fall. The circular d-pad in the center was originally a jogwheel in the prototypes—I have a thing for jogwheels ever since plopping down in a video editing bay in middle school—but it was a little too pricey to make it happen. The remote's only $20, and it'll be out in November too.

Video by Michael Werner, Edited by Woody Janging

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wait a min.. the xb doesnt have a bluetooth receiver?