The New Ghostbusters Is About a Single Mom and That Mom Is Carrie Coon

Fargo star Carrie Coon is in the new Ghostbusters, though we don’t know if she’s actually a Ghostbuster.
Fargo star Carrie Coon is in the new Ghostbusters, though we don’t know if she’s actually a Ghostbuster.
Photo: FX

If Jason Reitman’s new Ghostbusters film is really going to come out next year, he better get things moving. And that’s just what he’s doing, potentially filling two of the key members of his cast.


Variety reports that Carrie Coon and Finn Wolfhard are in talks to join the film, which is being called a direct sequel to the 1984 Ivan Reitman original. According to the story, the film centers on a single mother, played by Coon, with Wolfhard playing her son. There’s no word, however, if either, neither, or both or will strap on the proton packs. What we do know is this family has “mysterious ties back to the original 1984 movie” and that “early rumors that the Ghostbusters movie features a team of kids turn out to be inaccurate,” according to Entertainment Weekly. “The movie is actually more about a family, with the mom as the lead figure. Casting is still underway for other characters in the film,” EW reports.

The sentence “the film centers on a single mother” certainly isn’t the first thing we expected to hear after Reitman’s recent controversial comments, but it’s welcome and makes a lot of sense. Jason Reitman’s movies have been largely about complicated women (see: Juno, Young Adult, Tully, etc). So to have one at the center of this movie, even if it’s Ghostbusters, is very on brand. Plus Carrie Coon is the shit. See Fargo, Infinity War, The Leftovers, etc.

Wolfhard, on the other hand, seems like a very obvious choice. A good one, but obvious—and not just because he dressed up as a Ghostbuster in the second season of Stranger Things. Among that series’ young cast, he seems to be the one branching out the most. He stars in the It movies; he played a large role in the recent awards season, including a creepy Independent Spirit Awards appearance; and he’s in a few interesting upcoming films too. He’s the cool nerd of the moment, and that makes him perfect for this project.

The new Ghostbusters film is scheduled for release July 10, 2020.

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Okay, so, how is this for a twist: Reitman says that this remake is “giving back to the fans” — and then makes all of the Ghostbusters women. Without any interviews saying he’s doing this. Just cast decision after cast decision — boom, all women. He never does any interviews.

All he does is sit back and watch the “fans” freak out. After all, he never said what he was giving back to the fans.