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The new Hunger Games 2 trailer reveals why it's no longer a game

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Katniss isn't the only thing aflame in this brand-new trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. A hope has been ignited, and evil Donald Sutherland knows it — which why Katniss' troubles have just begun.


At the movie's Comic-Con panel, Jennifer Lawrence told us that the love triangle looks very different this time around: originally, Gale was the one who understood what Katniss was feeling and going through. But now Katniss shares something with Peeta that only the two of them can understand. "Peeta understands a part of her that Gale never will."

Adds Hutcherson. "It's very complicated. Peeta has such strong feelings for Katniss, he thought she felt the same way, and he found it was just an act." Lawrence protests that it's complicated, but Hutcherson insists that "It was an act. So it's complicated for Peeta to figure out these feelings but he still wants to help her and protect her."


Meanwhile, Liam Hemsworth said the "being whipped" scene took three days to film. "You're not really scared at fist, it's just acting... but after three days of getting hit with anything it's going to hurt. So it's good fun."

And Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson said they have one major kiss, during a resuscitation scene, where the first take involved a lot of snot coming out of her nose and getting stuck to his mouth so there were huge strands of snot between them. So yes, in response to someone's question about the kisses in this film, "the kissing scenes are very hot," Hutcherson joked.

As you can tell by the new trailer, the special effects already look way better than in the first movie. The whole thing just feels a lot more epic, don't you think?

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will premiere on November 22nd.