The New Sherlock Trailer Is A Full-On Victorian Extravaganza

We’ve known for a while that Sherlock’s upcoming special would be set in Victorian London, but man, even we weren’t expecting this much 19th Century love-in goodness. Carriages! Deerstalkers! John Watson’s amazingly fantastic moustache! This is certainly a trailer that has all of those things.

It’s old-Holmes meets new-Holmes sensibilities, as we get the best of both worlds: the manic pace of the BBC’s modern Sherlock adaptation, combined with the period drama detailing they tend to excel at. There’s a big threat, something even big enough to be considered “war” by the Great Detective, murder and mystery, and of course, people asking Sherlock Holmes who he is—basically so you can get a good money shot of him saying that he’s Sherlock Holmes.


Also, Watson’s moustache.

SERIOUSLY LOOK AT IT, IT IS GLORIOUS. I mean sure, the cocking the pistol thing is cool and all, but it’s ancillary to what might just be the best moustache to grace the BBC in the last decade.

Sherlock will return to both BBC and PBS in the nebulous time frame of “soon”—widely believed to be some time in December for Christmas.


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