The New Sonos Logo Looks Like Pulsing Sound as You Scroll It

Scroll the page. Go on, scroll it. And marvel at the way the new, perfectly static Sonos logo pulses—like sound is emanating from its centre, producing a pounding bass line.

This new logo has been produced for by Bruce Mau Design, and it's supposed to "advance the idea of the modern music experience." In fact there's no mention of the fact the logo pulses in the rationale behind the design, but folks on Twitter soon realised what happened as you scroll down the screen. So either it was designed that way or it was a happy coincidence. Either way, it's pretty neat (though possibly also slightly nauseating).


There are actually far more versions of the logo, too, set to appear on everything from billboards to subway cars. But this is our favorite. [Bruce Mau Design via Ramotion via Verge]

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