The Newest Teaser for Westworld’s Next Season Is an Ad for a Menacing Tech Company

Incite is here to do... something.
Incite is here to do... something.
Image: HBO

Incite, Inc. is here to propel you forward to the future. No, don’t think about the name too much. It’s probably not threatening.


The new Westworld ad is a doozy, and has ARG written all over it. Released yesterday at a WIRED panel called “The Future of Data: The Promise and Peril,” the ad features a promotion for the fictional Incite, Inc., a company that (mysteriously!) also sponsored the real-world Wired panel. Something mysterious is afoot!

The ad itself, starring Jefferson Mays as Liam Dempsey, Sr., the co-founder of the company, talks up the vision of a futuristic, post-Silicon Valley company promising “unprecedented computing capabilities, analyzing data for life’s most unsolvable problems.” Which definitely doesn’t sound like some techno-dystopian bullshit, nope, not at all. Especially not when he promises that his company’s data can not only solve the climate crisis and find you a satisfying career. Nor when the ad dissolves into an image of a robotic, swirling eye.

There’s also a website for Incite, which has an email sign-up. So far, I’ve not gotten anything from it, but there are surely more clues and teases either hidden in the site now or coming in the future. Westworld fans have always loved guessing games and theorizing, after all.

Westworld season three premieres early 2020, and whatever’s happening, I’m betting Incite is going to be a part of it.

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A Lantern of Hope

Sounds like Incite is just trying to be a good Samaritan.