Illustration for article titled The Next Cheap Android Phone Comes From...Pepsi?

It’s pretty easy to find a random Chinese Android phone to slap your brand on these days. So easy, in fact, that Pepsi is having a go.


Made by the Shenzhen Scooby Communication Equipment Co, the Pepsi P1 doesn’t actually look half-bad. There’s a 1080p screen, aluminum unibody design, 2GB of RAM, and even a fingerprint sensor. The phone is currently being crowdfunded at around $110 for a single handset, but RRP is more like $200. More importantly, the phone is only ever expected to launch in China.

It’s not a phone that most of us are ever likely to see or touch, but it does tell us a few things: firstly, that Pepsi will do pretty much anything to get attention; and secondly, that decent, low-priced Android handsets are now as brandable as Bic lighters or tote bags.


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