The Next Da Vinci Code Movie Is On Its Way

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The next Da Vinci Code sequel will start filming in April, 2015, Deadline reports. We have Tom Hanks returning to star as Robert Langdon and Ron Howard back to direct. Weirdly, the studio's decided to skip one of Dan Brown's novels and adapt Inferno instead of The Lost Symbol. Is this a Freemason conspiracy?! (Spoiler alert: No. It isn't.)

Why Sony, Imagine, Ron Howard, etc. have made this decision isn't known. But The Lost Symbol deviates from the rest of the series' focus on European locations and old world conspiracies. Instead, The Lost Symbol featured the United States and Masons. Inferno brings Langdon back to Italy, where he wakes up in a hospital sporting a case of amnesia. From there, he teams up with Dr. Sienna Brooks to both get his memories back and prevent a madman from releasing a global plague connected to Dante's Inferno. (Poor Paradiso and Purgatorio. They really got the shaft when it comes to the popular imagination).


Maybe, seeing as it's been five years since the last film, it just makes sense to use the most recent book. But that doesn't match up with the every other book series being milked for as many movies as possible. It could be that Dante, plagues, and amnesia are more compelling than Freemasons, Washington D.C., and the CIA. Or that Nicholas Cage and National Treasure have cornered the market on films of that nature. Whatever the reason, I bet that there's already people on the Internet saying it's because of a vast Freemason conspiracy exerting influence over Hollywood.