The Next Mac Pro Sounds Like a 12-Core Hellbeast

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The next Mac Pro might be using Intel's six-core Gulftown (Core i9) processor, possibly in a 12-core configuration, but'll have a custom motherboard that'll support 8GB and 16GB RAM modules (for up to 128GB), along with 10Gbps ethernet.

Supposedly, we'll see them early next year. If so, and if it uses Gulftown, that'd give Apple a small window of exclusivity with the speed demon chip, which wouldn't be the first time Intel's given them access to silicon before anybody else. [HardMac via AppleInsider]

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wow, that's one powerful machine... and would people use it for? Editing pictures? Editing home videos?

C'mon... Until awesome games similar to the PC comes to the MAC, this would be futile.

Also, I can't think how much this would cost... x3 of what it would be if it was a PC?

Not being biased or PC-sided, but I was just wondering and thinking of the use and cost for this configuration. If there was really a good use for this (with a fairly good price), I would definitely buy this. #macpro