The Next Too Fast Too Furious: Disney's Hovercar Movie

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Disney must still be huffing the fumes from the Tron Legacy cycles, because a Hovercar movie is in the works.

The LA Times is reporting that Disney is working on a story about a young boy who enters an elite racing school, to become the world's best hovercar racer. And then the hovercar racer gets "tasked with escorting an informant to safety as the two come under fire from corrupt government operatives."

Commercial director Fredrik Bond (who's also directed a few music videos) will be directing an adaptation of online serial that became a successful book series from Australian novelist Matthew Reilly. (Which contain the tagline, "The pace of reading just went supersonic!")


The movie will be in 3D, and is finally getting a second wind after getting benched for over six years. Originally, the creators of Smallville were going to be involved in creating the Harry Potter-esque first installment, which takes place in the racing school. But now they've stepped back, and up-and-coming writer Blaise Hemingway will write the script.