The night Nathan Fillion was abducted by aliens

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Last night Castle cracked an alien abduction case in "Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind." An astrophysicist dies of explosive decompression - so naturally aliens did it. We love it when Castle gets spliced with a little X-Files.

Check out this awesome clip from Castle which makes us a little nostalgic for the days when Mulder and Scully were still awesome. We're super excited that Castle got picked up for another season, but maybe, just maybe he could squeeze in a little more paranormal research on the side! We love it when Fillion talks aliens.

Watch the full episode here on Hulu - keep your eyes peeled for alien specialist Lance Henriksen, who should have had MUCH more screen time in our humble opinion, and "the man in black" Lyle Lovett. Second favorite part of the episode: Lovett's magic briefcase that can access all of the video cameras around the world!