The NYPD Really, Really Wants You to Upgrade to iOS 7

Not too keen on leaving iOS 6 for the brave new world of iOS 7? Well there's a pro-7 lobbying group that you might not expect: New York City cops.


iDevice theft in NYC is bad. Real bad. So bad, the NYPD has a squad devoted to dealing with it. But both Apple and the fuzz are hoping that iOS 7's Active Lock feature—which can lock-down phones remotely through Find My iPhone—will make iPhones and iPads less juicy targets.

According to tweets and other social media rounded up by AllThingsD, the cops are going about their crusade by handing out flyers around Apple stores, and asking various community groups to reach out and encourage folks to upgrade.

In the meantime, iOS 7 has a few distinct security issues of its own, but those will doubtless be fixed in an impending update. And hopefully enough people are using FInd My iPhone, so that criminals will start seeing a snatchable iPhone as a little less of a sure thing. In the meantime, keep holding on tight. [AllThingsD]


Hayden Whitfield

However, you could still use DFU mode to reinstall the iOS, right?