The Official Star Trek Phaser iPhone App

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You knew this day would come. With the reimagined Star Trek movie on the horizon, Paramount had to release an official phaser app—as not to be outdone by all those lightsabers.


The Star Trek Phaser is free to download and really pretty terrible. After not being amused by the motion-tilting 3D phaser on screen or the "stun" and "kill" sound/color modes, I tried the one player game that has you fire at a right to left moving target. It's like a bad flash game but worse.

But, you know—it's free and it's Star Trek and it's on the iPhone and there's a two player mode that will let you get your geek on when there's some other Trekkie with an iPhone lurking about. [Star Trek Phaser]


Oh, it could be worse. It could be "Close Range":


I take it back. Close Range is better.