The Oldest Working Vacuum Cleaner in the World (Clue: it's at the Bottom of the Picture)

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It may not have the look of a Dyson about it, but Archie Cameron's vaccuum cleaner lays claim to the oldest working model in Britain today. The retired Scottish civil servant has had his Goblin Triumph electric cleaner since 1936, when his mother bought it from a traveling salesman in Glasgow.


Archie has had to replace the carrying strap after it broke (he replaced it with a suitcase strap) and the starter button has gone twice, but apart from that, the machine has given him no trouble. "The Goblin is a very simple design," said the 78-year-old, who only replaced his black-and-white telly with a color model two years ago. "It is a motor and a fan with a cardboard tube attached. There is little to go wrong with the cleaner, so there is very little reason why it should not go on working forever. It will probably outlive me."

The 71-year-old vacuum cleaner that's still going strong [Daily Mail]

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Scantron Crothers

Goblin Triumph indeed.