The One Big Winner From the Time Warner Cable-CBS Slapfight

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As the Time Warner Cable-CBS impasse approaches its fourth day—with no resolution in sight—one thing has become absolutely clear; everyone involved is a big dumb dumby. A plague on them both. And a big shiny gold star to the one company that, unexpectedly, is going to come out ahead: Amazon.


There are plenty of CBS shows Time Warner Cable subscribers will miss out on while this standoff persists. So long 60 Minutes, bon voyage Big Bang Theory. And sure, that's a shame. But luckily for them, this summer's most popular television show—not just on CBS but on any network—is available to Amazon Prime subscribers just a few short days after it airs. Or would have aired, if you happen to be a Time Warner Cable company left out in the cold.

There's no way Amazon could have foreseen, when it signed its Under the Dome deal back in February, that it would turn out to be so popular. Back then it was just part of a larger exclusive streaming content stockpiling. But a combination of (Amazon's) luck and (CBS and TWC's) wrongheadedness has made Amazon Prime the primary source, for millions of people, of the single-most-watched show on television. Especially now that CBS is blocking TWC customers from accessing


We've reached out to Amazon to see what kind of streaming numbers the company has seen from Under the Dome, but they haven't made that information public thus far. And the real indicator will come this Friday, when tonight's blacked out Under the Dome is finally liberated for TWC's starved viewership. But even a slight uptick would be enough to declare Amazon the winner of this debacle. It's the only party that's not actively depriving its customers of something they've paid for, over issues that are totally out of their hands.



I never understood the big deal with these TV-Cable deals. All you have to do is plug in an antenna and you'll get access to CBS. Am I wrong?