The One Second Condom

Do you lose your "happiness" thanks to your inability to apply a condom quickly? Here comes the Pronto Condom, a prophylactic with built-in applicator that allows you to apply a condom in about a second. The condoms, which go on sale in South Africa, are marketed towards people who don't normally use condoms because they're too mood-inhibitive.

Mr van Rensburg said he looked at the research into South Africa's Aids problem and found that low condom use was a real factor and this was largely because people found them difficult to use.

"People find it's a passion-killer and they're willing to take their chances."

This reminds us of the (fake?) Condom on and the real Speedstrip Applicator Condom. Check out that video here.


Update: Moved the movie after the jump for those poor bastards at work.

Product Page [Pronto Condoms]

Fast condoms on sale in S Africa [BBC - Thanks Rory!]

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Well women will be upset, those 5 seconds a normal condom takes to put on is all of the foreplay most visitors of this site give to the fairer sex, including myself.