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The Only Action Figure You Can Genuinely Call a Masterpiece

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hot Toys is known for its incredibly detailed and life-life action figures, but can you really call them art? Not if they’re being compared to Figma’s Table Museum series which now includes a perfect action figure replica of Michelangelo’s David.


Every last feature of the famous renaissance sculpture, from David’s slingshot to his (ahem) stones, has been recreated here. But Figma’s David manages to improve on Michelangelo’s original with countless points of articulation so you can pose him however you want.


Even David’s eyes can be turned from side to side, giving him a shifty stare, or keeping him on a constant vigil. For $37, available sometime closer to mid-2016, you can add this figure to your collection and really class up your work cubicle. But if you’re worried about what your uptight co-workers might think about all that plastic nudity, you’ll have to add a tiny fig leaf yourself—one’s not included. [Good Smile Company via Toy People]

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