The only pair of cufflinks you need to own, ever

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I predict that this summer you're going to go to a lot of seriously fancy dress events, and when you do you're going to want to show off your suave nerdly ways. That's where these Adafruit iCufflinks come in.


Just look at them. They glow alluringly. They look like power buttons on your computer. They were made with open source hardware by the geniuses who run Adafruit Industries. In sum: they are freakin snazzy as hell. I am trying to figure out where I can get a shirt that requires cufflinks so that I can justify buying them.

They are also a nice present for the geek dad in your life, if you want to do the whole Father's Day thing. At $128 a pair they're kind of pricey, but like I said, they are the only cufflinks you're ever going to own. Think of it as a lifetime investment.


Pick up a pair of these incredible iCufflinks via Adafruit Industries