The Perfect Family Work Surface: Three Desks, One Shelving Unit

Illustration for article titled The Perfect Family Work Surface: Three Desks, One Shelving Unit

A busy home can place high demand on desk space, so why not make something that provides more than one surface to work at? That's exactly what design graduate Matej Chabera's shelving unit it designed to achieve.


Presented at a Royal College of Art show in London on Monday, the Shelf of Tables stacks three desktops within a single shelving system. So, it takes up the footprint of a single desk, but provides three desktops to work at. Which is really quite clever. Chabera explained to Dezeen:

"Working on multiple projects in a confined space makes it really difficult to organise the work and to organise the mind. It is an essential advantage to be able to leave projects open and pick up where you left off. Putting things away into storage slows you down. Having the visual parallel of the desktop makes the change of focus much easier."

So, one person could use it to switch between different activities, or three people could use it to make coworking a cinch. Made from solid ash and plywood, it uses ball-bearing runners to make the vertical motion smooth and counterweights to make the movements nice and easy.

It's still, sadly, a concept—but give that Chabera is already talking about how future finishes could include laminates or glass, it seems likely it might one day make it into production. [Dezeen]


Only the bottom desk gets any leg room? Luckily 2/3 of the population doesn't have legs?