The Phone Manual, Back To Basics

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Now here's a clever way to guide new customers through their purchase. Kind of like a children's book, the new phone slots into the cut-out hole in a book, with the instructions illustrating just which buttons to press.


Designers Clara Gaggero, Adrian Westaway and Jaako Tuomivara are behind the "Out of the Box" concept, which would be particularly useful for grandparents or those making their first leap into smartphone-dom.

If only they could come up with an intuitive version for a TV, they'd save me hours of phone calls with my parents talking cables. [Vitamins Design via Unplggd]

Out of the box - book from adrian333 on Vimeo.



This is kind of neat, but the last thing we need is more packaging. Besides, people who can't use a help file on the phone itself probably don't need a smart phone.