The Physics of Why You Get Confused When You Reverse a Car

Driving forwards is easy. Reversing is... weirdly much trickier. This video from Minute Physics explains why you shouldn't feel dumb about it—because it's all down to physics working against you.


Drive forwards and you turn the wheels right there with you at the front, changing the direction you travel in with the rear wheels simply following along. Reverse, though, and you turn the same wheels but it's the rear ones that lead—which is, as this video points out, an unstable system that can mess up very quickly. But words don't do a very good job of describing this phenomenon, so watch the video. And then feel better about your awful bay parking. [Minute Physics]


Platypus Man

I'll admit, I still get confused sometimes. I can back out of parking spaces just fine, but if it's anything more complex than that... yeah.

Quick question — what method do you use to see? Do you turn around (like the guy in the video), use your mirrors, or use a back-up camera? Are there any other options? I'm in the mirror camp, mostly because I don't have a back-up camera and I've always felt like turning around would get me more confused.