The PlayStation 3 in a Handy Model Comparison Chart

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While to the naked eye most PS3s look pretty much alike, Sony will soon have released six separate SKUs for the console. Mostly the results of cost cutting, this chart by Joystiq can guide the more resourceful bargain hunter to find the precise PS3 of their choice. Everything from the amount of USB slots to PS2 backwards compatibility is listed. And even if it burns through a few more trees to operate with its larger 90nm processor, we're still pegging the original 60GB model as the best PS3 to date. [joystiq]


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@Lev_Astov: I guess that Sony figures that backwards compatibility may undermine the potential profitability of the console, since the hardware itself is made and sold at a loss with games making the difference. Imagine all those people who COULD just use the PS3 as a BD player and just use the plethora of old PS2 games that cost only 20 bucks instead of buying the new stuff for 60. Not that I agree with what Sony's done, and I really friggin wish that they kept BC, but just sayin' is all.