The PlayStation Phone Patent

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We've heard rumblings about a PlayStation (or PlayStation Portable) Phone by Sony Ericsson for some time now, but this is the first time that we've actually seen what one might look like. Filed back in 2006, this patent application features a touchscreen with haptic feedback (yeah, like the iPhone) that can transform the button layout from phone to PSP just by turning it. Here's what the application had to say:

In another embodiment there is presented a system and method of reconfiguring the graphical user interface (GUI) of a mechanically vibrated touchscreen display associated with a portable mobile communications device that is operable in a variety of modes. An orientation sensing mechanism senses whether the portable mobile communications device is currently in a portrait or landscape orientation and accesses an orientation profile that associates each mode of operation with either a portrait or landscape orientation. A list of modes of operation associated with the sensed orientation of the portable mobile communications device is presented to the user. The user is prompted to select a mode of operation from the list. Input indicative of a selected mode of operation is received and the GUI of the mechanically vibrated touchscreen display is reconfigured for the selected mode of operation associated.


Ahh, there's nothing like a huge quote of patentspeak to get the blood flowing on a Friday morning. Am I right? [patent via kotaku]




it's a way of simulating tactile feedback, ie, when you push a key on a keyboard you feel it bottom out - that lets you know you successfully pushed a key. on a touchscreen theres no non-visual confirmation. haptic feedback provides such a confirmation, usually by vibrating.