The Police Raided a 9-Year-Old to Confiscate Her Winnie the Pooh Laptop

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It was just another typical weekday morning in a normal Finnish family home. It was only 8am, and parents and children were going through their usual routine. Then there was a knock at the door: it was the police, come to seize the Winnie the Pooh laptop of the resident 9-year-old pirate.

Torrent Freak reports that Finnish police raided the home after local anti-piracy group CIAPC determined copyrighted files had been downloaded illegally at the residence. After the girl's father refused to pay a 600 euro fine, the authorities raided the home and seized evidence—including the Winnie the Pooh laptop of the girl.

Turns out that she'd been trying to download a number of song by Finnish pop star Chisu using The Pirate Bay. The father claims that the downloads didn't work—they instead purchased a CD from a local store—but that doesn't seem to have bothered Finnish ISPs, the CIAPC or the police. The girls's father has explained:

"We have not done anything wrong with my daughter. If adults do not always know how to use a computer and the web, how can you assume that children or the elderly – or a 9-year-old girl – knows what they are doing at any given time online?"


Rules are rules, of course, but taking away a child's laptop over a couple of failed torrents seems a little draconian. So far nobody's apologized to the family—do you think they should? [Torrent Freak via BGR]

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Obviously the father is lying. The thing is, by putting the blame on the girl there can't be any repercussions. Children under the age of 15 can't be charged with a crime in Finland. Is anyone actually buying the idea that a 9-year-old girl with probably no working knowledge of English accidentally ends up in The Pirate Bay and downloads a torrent? The father was slapped with the fine as he is the owner of the internet connection and as such responsible for its use. And the laptop was seized because it was the one used in committing the crime. The dad just happened to get caught and is doing all he can to get out of the hook.