The Pope of Foam Explains the Science of Beer Brewing

Crack open a bottle of suds and prepare to be amazed as Professor Charlie Bamforth leads a tour of the UC Davis Brewery, revealing the astonishingly complex chemical process—and artisanal origins—behind making beer. [PopSci]

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I brew and this video outlines one of the reasons why.

The first signs of beer come around 10k years ago and it happened by accident when open jars containing grains were left out in the rain and the resulting grain-water mixture, fermented due to yeast in the air. Countries like Germany have these long standing processes that, in perspective, are new compared to that 10k year old method but they're taken so seriously that the country created laws that govern the beer making process.

With Bamforth and several others, we're seeing the science of a process that mankind has held sacred for thousands of years. We've gone from an open jar making beer to highly controlled brewing processes created by professor who has been studying brewing since at least 1979.

How cool is that? It's even crazier when I think about how stagnant the beer industry was for the better part of a century. We're really seeing a renaissance right now and Bamforth is definitely one of the leaders in that renaissance.