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The Power Rangers Are Awed by a Very Dark Room in the First Movie Clip

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Power Rangers movie is about a bunch of superpowered teens who wear brightly colored alien armor to kick the crap out of evil aliens. Also they get giant robots at some point. So I have absolutely no idea why this dreary clip from the movie is of them discovering Zordon’s command center—and not much else—is the first extended footage from the film.

I’m not saying that the first clip from the film has to spoil a big fight scene or what have you, but this new clip is pretty much the teens walking into the dimly lit, barren metallic room that is Zordon’s defunct command station, wandering around for a bit, and then being spooked by a noise (that turns out to be Alpha 5, who still looks super creepy).

It’s just a weird choice to show off the movie. There’s plenty of non-action-y stuff that would at least be more interesting to introduce the characters, like their life at school or their reactions to getting superpowers, some of which has been in the trailers. This is just blah—a clip that matches the tone of the first trailer for the film more than the second.


Any film can be made to look good with a well-cut trailer, sure, but let’s hope that this isn’t an indication of what most of Power Rangers is going to be like when it hits theaters March 24.