The Predator's Final Trailer Is Fun, Dumb, and Full of Blood

A Predator alien presumably about to murder someone for sport, as they are wont to do.
A Predator alien presumably about to murder someone for sport, as they are wont to do.
Image: Fox

There’s a certain degree of innate silliness to the Predator franchise’s movies that you just kinda got to roll with if you actually want to enjoy them. Thankfully, The Predator’s final trailer makes it clear that as gruesome as it’s gonna be, it hasn’t forgotten it needs to make you laugh as well.


By this point, you know the drill. The Predators land on Earth, take stock of their surroundings and decide which game is most worthy of their desire to hunt. The answer, of course, is humans, and as the hapless heroes of this deadliest game are forced to fight for their lives against an enemy that, really, they have no hope of besting.

The latest trailer for the upcoming Shane Black-directed revival makes clear that, even though it’s set in the same universe as other Predator films, the people of Earth still don’t know about the aliens and that lack of knowledge is exactly what makes them ideal prey.

Judging from the amount of blood and mandibular roaring, The Predator’s titular hunters are going to rack up more than a few kills over the course of the movie. One can only hope that Sterling K. Brown’s smoldering visage will be enough to stop them when The Predator drops on September 14.

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OK, I still have rock bottom expectations, but having said that...that was the best trailer, so far.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, Shane Black knows how to write good dialogue. How they came up with naming it Predator, did make me giggle.