If you thought Sony's 84-inch 4K TV was expensive at $25,000, then think again. Samsung has announced the pricing of its new flagship model—and you could buy a number of cars with the same cash.


Samsung's new 85-inch S9, which we described as "massive, and beautiful, and everything wonderful that can be wonderful about a TV", will initially go on sale in Korea. When it does, it will cost 40,000,000 won—which is $38,000. Thirty. Eight. Thousand. Dollars.

Sure, you get quite a lot of technology encased in that TV—a huge and beautiful Precision Black Pro LCD panel, sophisticated built in 2.2 sound, and a quad-core CPU to power the behemoth along—but: Thirty. Eight. Thousand. Dollars.

So, here's a fun game: if you had the requisite bundle of cash lying around, would you buy this TV, or something else altogether? [Korean Newswire via Engadget]

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