The process of turning raw cow hide into leather is really gross

Leather is beautiful and luxurious and natural and one of the great materials of the world. However, it's absolutely gross to make. Here's the process of tanning raw hide into high quality leather. You'll see gray goops, a lot of residue, dumps of bizarre liquids and more. Worth it? I guess.


Here are some of the grosser segments (which in turn, are my favorite segments). A lot of is turned into dog food.

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I'm very confused. Gizmodo used to be tech and design. Today I've seen raw hide article and a origins of basketball (which btw was inaccurate) article. How are these design or tech related? I guess leather could be fashion which could loosely be design because it's not tech or bleeding edge design but this is just a dirty jobs episode regurgitated.

Casey you're a staff writer. Any insight as to where your editors are leading gizmodo?