Watching 1,000 Tubes of Go-GURT Get Eviscerated Is Pure Joy

Go-GURT: The colorful yogurt-in-a-tube product you haven’t thought about since you were twelve. What’s a childless adult to do with a box of slurpable, berry-flavored dairy goop? Easy: Go buy a hundred more boxes, and crush ‘em with an anvil.


Of course, you’ll have to weigh the fleeting satisfaction of the Go-GURT-pocalypse against the post-splatterfest cleanup. A more hassle free way to watch innocent goop sacs get eviscerated comes to us courtesy of the Slo Mo Guys, who, naturally, filmed the entire shebang at over 1,000 frames per second. Grab yer googles and enjoy!

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I don’t understand the desire to destroy food for fun. So wasteful.