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Here's What the Inside of an Exploding Tire Looks Like During a Burnout

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Your Netflix queue may have run dry a month ago, but thankfully there are still hundreds of YouTubers with access to high-speed cameras, tiny action cameras, and endless ideas for where to stick them. Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside a tire when it explodes after a burnout? You probably have now.

Most YouTube channels that focus on capturing the world from a unique perspective tend to stick to experiments with paint splattering or fruit being obliterated with projectiles or explosives. Warped Perception, however, often features interesting engineering or science concepts exposed in a new way through high-speed photography and cameras positioned in warranty-voiding locations. How does a model rocket engine burn? Here’s one cut in half revealing how it burns away from the inside.


A few weeks ago, the channel shared a unique video from a GoPro camera that had actually been installed and mounted inside a car’s tire while the vehicle was driving. This time, they upped the ante even further.

Instead of just driving around the neighborhood and hitting the occasional speed bump, this time they pushed a tire to its literal breaking point by performing a burnout. From the GoPro’s perspective, not only can you see the tire start to melt and bubble from the inside (while the outside is quickly disintegrating), you can also hear the effect the heat is having on the rubber. It’s a good reminder that burnouts aren’t exactly a great idea, and you should probably just leave them to the professionals with access to disposable camera equipment.