The Queer Comics Anthology We've Been Waiting For!

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LGBT characters have made great strides in comics lately — we even had a same-sex wedding in the X-Men — but it's about time there were more stories focusing on queer protagoninsts. Enter Beyond, a brand new anthology of comics about LBGT heroes who save the day. With an amazing set of contributors... possibly including you.


As the editors of Beyond, Rachel Edidin and Sfé Monster, explain:

We want to see people like us as heroes—slaying dragons, piloting spaceships, getting into trouble, and saving the day—without having to read their queerness from between the lines. We want to see beautifully crafted stories, in the mediums and genres we love, that reflect and celebrate our own experiences of gender and sexuality—and a spectrum far beyon

Early contributors roped into taking part in the anthology include writer Seanan McGuire, artist Fiona Staples, writer/artist Carla Speed McNeil, and a ton of others. And according to Autostraddle, they're not looking for stories about "tragic queers," or anything too X-rated. Submissions open Oct. 15, and remain open until Dec. 15. Check out tons more info at the link! [Beyond Anthology via Autostraddle]



Kyra from the Pathfinder Comics and RPG is gay.

To quote James Jacobs the Creative Director ...

"We've said for some time that there's at least two gay iconics (one male, one female), one bisexual iconic, and one trans iconic. There could well be more. But until the time is right and appropriate we had no plans to reveal that.

The comic is the right place to reveal those things; we've now revealed Kyra is gay and heavily implied that Merisiel is bisexual. More revelations about the iconics will come along in the years to come, maybe or maybe not in this or another comic, maybe or maybe not in an entirely different medium. The time has to be right is all."