The life of a superhero isn't all saving the day from world-consuming threats - there's always going to downtime to goof off in. Toy photographer Edy Hardjo imagines what it's like for the Avengers, Batman and co. when they're not out performing heroics on the job through a legion of Hot Toys figures.

Header Image Credit: Edy Hardjo. All images credited as such unless otherwise stated.


Aside from thinking about the eye-watering amount of money captured in each shot, considering Hardjo's subjects are mostly Hot Toys 1:6 figures (lets be honest, it's blended with a little jealousy too. Look at all those wonderful toys!), his series of photos depicting Wolverine, Spider-Man, The Avengers, Batman and more goofing around isn't just about the fun he imagines these heroes and villains getting up to in their time off, it's also about the joy of the toys themselves.

They're not just being stood on stands in a display and being meticulously photographed and archived, they're being posed, played with, enjoyed. That's something that often gets missed in the serious circles of toy collecting, and it shines through in each and every one of his pictures.

Here's a few of Hardjo's pictures - including one you might have seen get passed around a lot recently when Marvel announced that Spidey would join the MCU.

t's not all superheroes that Hardjo has fun with - slapstick British comedy character Mr. Bean shows up in more than a few of his photos, sometimes hilariously interacting with the heroes:

You can see much more of Hardjo's work on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

[Bored Panda via Nerd Approved]

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