The Ring Takes on The Grudge in the First Trailer for Japanese Horror's Ultimate Crossover

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Sadako vs. Kayako is J-horror’s answer to Freddy vs. Jason. It’s about the clash between the ghost who haunts people who watch a certain videotape (Sadako of Ringu, or The Ring) and the ghost who haunts a house with the worst vibes ever (Kayako of Ju-On, or The Grudge). This trailer is all in Japanese, but it’s still freaky as hell.

Yes, it’s the clash of the creepy long-haired titans we’ve all been waiting for. I’m gonna give the early edge to Sadako, just because Ringu gave me way more nightmares, but it’s anyone’s game at this point. Japanese audiences will know the answer in June, when the monster mash-up movie makes its premiere.

Two questions, though: What took them so long? And how quickly can American horror hounds see this thing?