Except in extreme cases, I don't think plastic surgery is a good idea for any human being. But when someone is attractive to begin with—like this South Korean reporter—I just can't comprehend the reasons. Look at the before and after shots.





She's not an isolated case. There are more examples of this kind of extreme surgery, like the real life Ken and Barbie.


It seems to me like these operations can't be just capricious acts. There has to be more, some brain processes that modify a human's visual perception in order to deform the idea of him or herself.

Update 1: According to some readers, she may have body dysmorphic disorder.

Update 2: Our friend Brian Ashcraft—from Kotaku—gives us a lot more information about her.

The reporter's name is Won Jayhun. I don't think there's any argument about her having work done, but she's also lost a lot of weight and has a crazy thin waist now. That's probably changed her appearance as well. But she's look like this for years now.

Then, you gotta factor in things like fashion/make-up changes, so that makes her look different, too. If you go on YouTube, and enter her name in Korean (원자 현), she... doesn't look she messed up her face *that* much. The photos of her are taken from a high angle, making her chin appear even smaller. Even though she's a reporter, she's more of an announcer (sports announcer), which is different from being an anchorwoman, breaking big stories. Her skimpy outfits should clue you into that! And she's also know for a series of yoga segments that were kinda suggestive.

So, it's a bit like going, why did Pam Anderson get work done?

True (although Pamela Anderson didn't get any skull sculpting, which seems a bit more extreme. Her breasts, on the other hand...)


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