The Science of Aging

If your face is wrinkling, joints are creaking and eyesight failing, it's time to face facts: you're getting old. But what causes ageing, anyway, and why is it so damn inevitable?

This video gives a bright and breezy overview of why we all succumb to the ageging process. In a word, telomeres—but we'll let the video explain that in more detail. [ASAP Science]

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Fortunately, there's plenty you can do to maintain your telomeres (see Many nutrients are proven to not only maintain telomeres (a simple multivitamin can keep your telomeres up to 5% longer by protecting their structure from oxidative stress, which they are very vulnerable to) but to lengthen them, including omega 3, resveratrol and vitamin D. Also, there are supplements formulated to maintain telomeres, like Essence [], TA-65 [], and Product B [].