The Scientist for iOS: Top-Ranked Science News Straight to Your Phone

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With the number of newsreaders littering the mobile sphere, it's almsot surprising that there aren't more niche-specific versions popping up amidst their more general brethren. But that's exactly what The Scientist is—a no-nonsense, crowdsourced newsreader to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the scientific world.


What does it do?

Continuously presents users with the most shared articles from a variety of journals, including Nature (they plan to add JACS, Angewandte, and Org Let among other in the near future. You can sort articles by medicine, biology, biochemistry, and psychology, and everything you read is presented in a simple, clean, and highly functional UI. There are, of course, also options to share anything you to read with followers across your social networks.

Why do we like it?

If you're someone who enjoys keeping up on the latest discoveries in the academic world of science, then this is a fantastic way to stay updated on the biggest news from a variety of sources. Ideally, the app would be pulling from more journals and perhaps even some respected websites, but the app is still very young—there's time for that. Otherwise, though, it gives you all the good, solid content you need, straight up and with none of the unnecessary frills.

The Scientist, Download this app for: iOS, Free

The Best: The top science-specific news in one place

The Worst: Doesn't pull content from that many sources yet




Just tried it out. Beautifully simple! It'll be cool to see how many journals they add, and if updates let us create our own lists or searches (kinda like a google scholar alert).