RoboCop’s primary responsibility is to protect and serve—and do a lot of killing bad guys during the aforementioned protecting/serving. This little RoboCop toy? His primary responsibility is looking like the most adorable little cyborg law enforcement officer he could possibly be.

Another in Herocross’ line of Chibified “Metal Figuration” toys, this little RoboCop is based on the character’s classic look, rather than the sleeker stylings of the recent reboot. Coming in at around 5-and-a-half inches tall, like Herocross’ past toys, and perhaps best suited for a RoboCop toy, the figure features a variety of metallic and plastic parts to give it some heft and shininess.

RoboCop is sparsely accessorised: he comes with his a trusty Auto-9 pistol, some alternate hands, and a version of his fist with an extended data spike. As a neat bonus, you can actually store the Auto-9 in RoboCop’s right leg. But seriously, the real feature here is how weirdly adorable RoboCop looks when you give him an oversized head. Just look at that dome, he’s so cute! The cutest Police-sanctioned killing machine there is!


As with all of these “Metal Figuration” toys, RoboCop comes with a pretty hefty price tag—you can buy that for a dollar (plus 99 other dollars) when he releases later this year.


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