The Shat Can't Pull Off The Vulcan Salute, Gives Conan The Bird Instead

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Last night the The Tonight Show melded nerd minds together when host Conan O'Brien scolded the Shat from his desktop for not being able to properly wish us all to live long and prosper.

I don't know what's more adorable: Shatner trying to do the Vulcan salute, or Conan getting so angry that Kirk can't do it, he jumps up on his desk. Is Shat totally inebriated? Mayhaps, but do we ever know when he's sober? And who cares he's too charming for words. Shatner needs his own show that isn't on the "Bio" channel, just a room with two chairs and booze, he can bring whomever he wants drink and chat, I'd watch it. Chris Pine, you may make us think strange, torture porn lip licking thoughts, but you can't pull off this type of tipsy suave.

The entire guest is spot below: