The Shocking Truth About Fringe's Newest FBI Agent

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In the new season of Fringe, we won't just meet a tough new female FBI agent — we'll also meet an eccentric scientist and his former-rascal family member, whom she becomes involved with. Sound like anybody we know? Spoilers ahead...

Some casting script pages have turned up for "Sonia," the new FBI agent character whom we'll be meeting in Fringe season two. And assuming these pages come from an actual episode script — which is usually the case — then she'll be getting off to a rocky start. She's new to the FBI, so fresh her FBI badge still has "new car smell," when she gets entangled with the mysterious Division 99, which investigates matters beyond our ken. Before she joined the FBI, she was in the Detroit PD.


Sonia investigates a mysterious car crash involving an FBI agent, Daniel Agger. The other car accelerated before hitting Agger's black van — but Agger vanished from the van on impact. The airbag deployed, but there's no blood and no body. And the doors are all still locked. So where did Agger vanish to?

To find some answers, Sonia turns to a mysterious private detective named Nate McAuley, who worked with Agger recently. Nate's snarky and rude, and has a history of shady dealings, including selling stolen cars, but now he works with the FBI and his file has been sealed. Nate's brother, Owen, is a science mega-genius, who happens to be bugfuck crazy, and somewhat childlike. Owen talks to the ducks — and answers their questions. Later, Sonia chases down Nate at a bar, because Owen can't find his "wuppies," which are his fuzzy bear slippers. (But Sonia doesn't realize this at first.) Sonia and Nate wind up bonding and sharing a drink. Nate warns her:

Young sweet agent Curtis, be warned now. You're about to enter the dark pernicious armpit of the physical universe known as Division 99. Leave your lunch on the floor as you exit.


Sonia says she's from Detroit, which is the other armpit of the physical universe.

Later, Sonia confronts Director Southgate, who admits that he had Owen (and maybe Nate) killed at the hands of Division 99, because they were a security breach that had to be contained. She struggles to keep her composure and not cry in front of this man, as she accuses him of murder. "Sensitive information from our division must be treated like a virus," says Southgate. "You killed the man I love," she finally blurts out. "No, Agent Curtis, you did," says Southgate. And then the kicker: he tells her Division 99 needs to see her immediately, because now she's a security breach too.


I'm wondering if this is the alternate-universe version of the Olivia-Walter-Peter axis we've grown to love, or just a random parallel the show is throwing at us for kicks. What do you think? [SpoilerTV]