The Simpsons' A Clockwork Orange Parody Is A Brilliant Piece Of TV

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Each year, The Simpsons tickles our funny bones with a trio of horror-themed tales, and this year's Treehouse of Horror delivered one of our favorite Halloween segments yet: "A Clockwork Yellow," which starts as a parody of A Clockwork Orange and gradually becomes a Stanley Kubrick free-for-all.

Truly, "A Clockwork Yellow" is fantastic just for its straight parodies of some of A Clockwork Orange's key scenes. (The timelapse sequence played out between Homer and Marge is particularly grand.) But when Moe and his droogs wander into a party out of Eyes Wide Shut, the Kubrick references start flying and we love every moment of it.


That wasn't the only great moment from this Treehouse of Horror; the first segment contains a hilarious joke about Catholic heresy and the endless Simpson family iterations and mashups in the final segment are so much fun.

Plus, the opening gag is delightfully gruesome.

If you have Hulu Plus, you can watch last night's episode online: