The Simpsons' Title Scene Secretly Created By Banksy

Just when I thought The Simpsons couldn't surprise me anymore, yesterday's 10/10/10 episode had the most acidic, in-your-face title scene I've ever seen on TV. Not surprisingly, it was storyboarded and directed by legendary graffiti artist Banksy. Update: Video back up.


Banksy, whose real identity remains unknown, is the author of some of the most brilliant satirical and anti-establishment art you can see in any street around the globe. And inside some sacred buildings too: my favorite pieces are his fake paintings at classic museums, installed without anyone at the museum noticing for hours and even days. Here's an example from The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York:

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The title scene was a surprise. Nobody knew it was coming, and according to the Wooster Collective, the secret was kept until the day of the release. If you are not familiar with his work, I highly recommend you visit his web site.

Update: Fox censored the video on YouTube and Vimeo, so we are re-uploading it here. [Wooster Collective]



There is no such thing as a Graffiti artist. The correct term is Graffiti VANDAL, who belongs in jail.