The Skinny on Projection Screens

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If you have been toying with the idea of setting up a home theater with a projector, the guys over at Home Entertainment Mag have put together a handy guide for beginners that can help you maximize performance. They say the key is to match your projector with the right screen-and that means knowing what kinds of screens are out there, what size and shape you need, what to look for in terms of screen gain, whether a perforated screen is the way to go and what the deal is with rear projection. The basics of these issues are covered, and they offer up plenty of suggestions for you to investigate. Hit the link to check out all the details along with some pretty pictures. [Home Entertainment Mag]


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Can't even get the home page. Gizmodo I'm looking at you.@CaptMoose: Not $20 but you can get a pull down for like $80. You can get a Motorized 108" for like $200. Not too bad when you compare to I dinkey 56" that sells for $2500.

Before I bought my 125" I used two 36" rolls of white paper from Micheals taped together. On light scenes you could see the tape line but over all it was pretty good. If I did it again I would remove the overlap that would be much better.

I suggest this to people before buying a screen. I set up the projector then messed with the sizes. I started thinking I wanted 100" and could have gone up to 140". In the end 100" seemed too small and 140" too big(Is that possible?). Yes, if the screen goes too low it is hard for the back row to see and at certain distances it is larger than your field of vision.