The Soprano Life Jacket

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Being fit is overrated these days. Like gay hairdressers, fat is the new black, it seems, and some of the more emaciated of you might feel ill at ease at the beach. What with being surrounded by all that rotundity, a few of you may even feel the need to revert to somewhat desperate measures to camouflage yourselves among the crowd. You might even consider Swedish designer Thomas Bernstrand's latest creation, the belly life-jacket "Sopranos".

Designed to give you extra flotation while on the water, if worn underneath a T-Shirt, it will also give you that ever so attractive ballooning gut that seems to be all the rage. There isn't a whole lot more information available on this, folks, other than the fact that there seems to be a female bikini version as well. With that one though, ladies, you get freaky boobs and butts. Sort of fun, really. -DP

The website [Thomas Bernstrand via WMMNA]