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The Spire Clock Folds and Unfolds Like a Japanese Fan To Let You Know What Time It Is

The Spire Clock is yet another quirky timekeeper that puts some charm back into the humdrum task of telling time. Essentially, the clock is an asymmetrical Japanese fan.


Its longest blade represents the minute hand, and the shortest blade represents the hour hand. As the minutes tick by, the longer blade glides all around the face; when the hour changes, the shorter blade sweeps around and snaps into the correct angle time calls for. However mesmerizing the Spire Clock can be though, just be sure you don't catch yourself wasting away the hours gazing at this pretty little timepiece. [Wireframe via FastCoDesign]

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Looks like a big shurikan. I would be seriously hard to tell time on this, but I would dish out 2-300 for this. Why fool myself, this sort of thing cost significantly more than a price in the low hundreds.