The Stoner Channel: Raid Charades, Marijuana Myths, and Anthony Hopkins Raging Against the Dying of the Light

Apocalypse Now: Purple Haze Edition

Experience the Vietnam War through the eyes of Marlon Brando.

Sir Anthony Hopkins Reads Dylan Thomas

That! That's the sort of acting that will get you knighted. [Open Culture]


10 Myths About Marijuana

Turns out that toking most likely won't cause cancer or turn you into a raving psychotic. Well, that's a relief. [Rolling Stone]


Arizona's Other Kind of Farmer's Market

Even though voters have authorized 100 dispensaries to operate within Arizona, threats of litigation by the state attorney general has kept their doors closed. This is the response by the MMJ community. [WPD]


The DEA Takes Utah Media on Eradication Patrol

The DEA recently took a small cadre of reporters into the field as they busted a marijuana plantation in the backwoods of Utah. Unsurprisingly, after three years of surveillance and untold thousands of tax dollars spent in preparation, DEA agents come away 3,600 plants (which is totally going to put an end to this whole black market drug trade issue once and for all) but not one single arrest. The whole thing reads more like a PR stunt than an actual bust. Read more about this charade of a raid at St. George News. Image: Joyce Kuzmanic, St. George News


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